All-Star Greyhounds Adoption Process
1.  Adoption Application
The first step to adopt a greyhound from All-Star Greyhounds is to complete our

2.  References
Our local Representative will contact your veterinarian (if you have a pet) to verify that your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and heartworm prevention.  Personal references will also be contacted.

3.  Home Visit
We conduct a home visit of prospective adopters to help them determine if a greyhound is the right dog for their home. Also, if your Application is approved, the home visit helps us select a greyhound that will fit into your household.

4.  Approval
After the Application is approved, we look among the foster greyhounds we have available to find a good match for your home.  This process usually takes a minimum of 2 weeks.  If we do not have a greyhound that fits your particular needs, it may take several weeks.  We ask that you be patient and wait for the right dog.  Once adopted, you will agree that your greyhound was worth the wait.

5.  Research
While your Application is being processed, please do your research. Even though we think greyhounds are the most wonderful dogs on the planet, they are not for everyone.  To help you determine if a greyhound would fit into your home, read books about greyhounds and use the Internet to visit other greyhound web sites (you will find some on our "Links" page).

Pre-Adoption Requirements
All-Star Greyhounds does require that you read at least 1 of the following books:

  • "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" by Cynthia A. Branigan
  • "Guide to Adopting an Ex-Racing Greyhound" by Carolyn Raeke
  • "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies" by Lee Livingood  

The books by Cynthia Branigan and Carolyn Raeke describe the life of a greyhound while it is at the race track and describe what you should expect if you bring an ex-racer into your home.  They are very helpful in determining if a greyhound is the right breed of dog for you. Lee Livingood's book is a useful reference book for every greyhound owner.

If you have children under the age of 8, you will be asked to read "Childproofing your Dog" by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson.

All-Star Greyhounds does require that you have a fenced yard.  Some reasons are:

  • Greyhounds are not "street wise" and need the protection of a fenced area.  Ex-racing greyhounds have never been exposed to automobiles and they have no fear of busy streets.  They have been trained during their racing careers to chase small furry objects, so they would not hesitate to chase a squirrel, rabbit or other small animal into the street.
  • While at the racing kennel, greyhounds are "turned-out" several times a day in a fenced area.  Therefore, not all greyhounds are comfortable relieving themselves on lead.
  • Convenience.  Without a fenced yard, a greyhound would need to be walked several times a day, regardless of the weather or time of day/night.
  • Greyhounds love to run.  For thousands of years, greyhounds have been bred to run and there is little that they enjoy more than running.  

Watching a greyhound "race" around the yard will bring a smile to your face and immeasurable pleasure.

For the greyhound's safety, we ask that swimming pools be either fenced, so the Greyhound does not have access, or a hard cover be across the pool when not in use.

To adopt a greyhound from All-Star Greyhounds, you must agree to:

  • You understand that your greyhound has not been raised in a home environment and will need  time and patience to adjust.
  • Your greyhound must be kept indoors except when exercising or being taken for walks.
  • Keep your greyhound on a leash whenever it is outdoors, unless it is in a completely fenced-in area.
  • Your greyhound must NEVER be tied to anything.
  • Keep an All-Star dog tag and your personal dog ID tag with your address and phone number on your greyhound at all times.
  • You will NEVER discipline your greyhound by hitting him/her.
  • You agree to keep your greyhound up-to-date on necessary vaccinations, provide monthly heartworm prevention and seek veterinary care when needed.
  • You agree to keep your greyhound as a house pet and never use it for racing, breeding, or laboratory research.
  • Notify All-Star Greyhounds, the police and animal control immediately if your greyhound should become lost.
  • You agree to allow an All-Star Greyhounds representative to follow up with phone calls and/or home visits.
  • Return your greyhound to All-Star Greyhounds if you should ever decide you cannot keep him/her.
  • If at any time the greyhound is not being provided a proper home, as noted by the above guidelines, the greyhound will be retrieved by All-Star Greyhounds.

Adoption Fee
Our adoption fee of $275 helps pay for fostering and veterinary expenses for all of the greyhounds in foster care.  Each greyhound receives the following vet services:  spay or neuter, dental cleaning, heartworm check,  and vaccination update (if needed).  All-Star Greyhounds will also provide any other medical treatment that a foster greyhound may need.  A collar, leash, muzzle and a Greyhound Adoption Manual are also provided at the time of adoption.

To start the Adoption Process, fill out our online application, or print and fill out our application and return it to your local All-Star Greyhounds Representative.

Online Adoption Application

Printable Adoption Application

You will need Acrobat Reader to open the Printable Adoption Application.
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