All-Star Greyhounds




All-Star Greyhounds has divided its Scrapbook up into three different categories.  The first category "Virtual Sofa Spuds" (a play on words of "Digital Couch Potatoes") is where you will find pictures of greyhounds who found their forever homes through the efforts of All-Star volunteers.  If you have an All-Star greyhound and you don't see them on this page, please email All-Star's Webmaster.  You will be asked to send in a picture or two of your grey, along with a short bio of them, along with their registered name (if you know it) or ear tattoos (if you don't know your grey's registered name).

The second category is where pictures of our Events are kept.  If you have pictures of Meet & Greets, Dog Drops, or just anything involving All-Star Greyhounds, email them to All-Star's Webmaster so they can be put on the site.  When you send in your pictures, be sure to let us know where and when they were taken.

The third category is a tribute to our beloved greyhounds who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  If you had an All-Star greyhound who has gone on to the bridge, email their pictures to All-Star's Webmaster and we will get them listed on the Rainbow Bridge page.

We hope you enjoy looking at all the pictures and reading the bios in our Scrapbook!

Virtual Sofa Spuds is up with the Events and Rainbow Bridge pages to follow soon!