Winston is a tall boy which makes it easy for him to surf the kitchen counters (a baby gate in the kitchen doorway does keep him away).  He and his greyhound sister, Della, seem to be able to read each other's minds!  Winston loves jumping around in falling snow, but he's not a big fan of rain (just like his mom!).  Winston loves it when family and friends come to visit (in his world, people only come by to see him!) and he especially loves to go for rides.  This sweet boy is very friendly and polite ... and handsome too!  Click the link below for his page on the Greyhound Data Base to see what a cute puppy he was!

The picture below was sent with the following from Winston's mom ... "This picture is special because we were in the motorhome on vacation and Winston loved the motorhome.  Our dear sweet boy left us to cross the bridge on Thursday, July 31, 2014 after two months of tests, medication and prayers.  He would have been six in November."

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, Winston!


Registered Name:  Wind Runner

Left Ear:  48918

Cat Friendly:  

Right Ear:  118D

Whelped:  November 15, 2008

Age:  5

Sex:  Male

Weight:  74 lbs

To see "Winston's" pedigree, click here to visit the Greyhound Data Base