Greyhound ownership is a serious responsibility and commitment.  This Application is intended to assist All-Star Greyhounds in evaluating the willingness and ability of prospective greyhound adopters to meet that responsibility.  If, after reviewing all information provided by our website, brochure and the required reading, you feel a retired racing greyhound can become a welcome and loving member of your family and you/your family are prepared to make a commitment for the lifetime of a greyhound, please complete and submit the following Application.

If you would rather print the Application using Adobe Acrobat Reader, and mail it to the All-Star Greyhounds Representative nearest you, please click here.


  1. *If you have children, please read Childproofing your Dog by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson.We may discourage families from adopting if they have children under 4 years of age unless special arrangements are made.

  2. *The Greyhound does tend to be a healthy breed and a greyhound can live to be 10 years or older.  Please consider the expenses associated with veterinary services and maintenance that is associated with caring for any pet.

    Our first check is with your veterinarian to confirm that other pets are current on vaccinations and are receiving heartworm prevention.  This Application may be rejected immediately if after consulting with the veterinarian listed below, vaccinations and heartworm prevention are not current on other household pets.


    Our adoption fee of $200 goes toward the expense of food, supplies and veterinary care for our greyhounds in foster care, including, but not limited to:   spay/neuter, dental cleaning, heartworm test, worming and vaccination update, if needed.  Veterinary services will be performed by veterinarians participating in our adoption program.  All adopted greyhounds will receive a leash, collar, muzzle and Adoption Manual.

    I/We understand that in order to complete the processing of this Application, a Representative of All-Star Greyhounds will schedule a visit to our home to assist us in matching the needs of a greyhound with the needs of our household.  By submitting this Application, I/We agree to such a scheduled visit and confirm that all members of the household will attend the home visit.  I/We agree that if this Application is approved, it will become part of the All-Star Greyhounds Adoption Agreement.  I/We also certify that all information provided in this Application is true and correct.


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